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CraftShark Network

by shawshark at 11:26 PM
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Hello everyone,
After receiving information on 1.8 not being released for another few more months I started development on skyblock a week ago, Today has been its finally day fixing everything up and testing commands, permissions and the small features that is currently has. I'm happy to say it's been released to the public and you can join from the hub portal, or command (/server skyblock), or both water selector or compass selector. Not many features for donators or normal regular players have been released, but over the next few days ill be adding heaps of features and just like i did...
by shawshark at 11:52 AM
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Factions beta 0.0.4 beta patch information on bug fixes and new features.

- Added Support for the new 'Donator' World.- This world will only be accessable for donators, trying to get into this world if you arent a donator will just make you get sent back to spawn.
- Started 'Donator' world spawn.
- Added sharkcoins to the scoreboard.
- Fixed voting.
- Each vote you'll get $500 and 750 sharkcoins to use in /shop
- Added 50% off all donator ranks!

Voting sites:
vote link 1 - http://minecraftservers.org/vote/143817
vote link 2 -...
by shawshark at 6:27 AM
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For the release of the new factions server I feel like a percentage discount off all ranks is need, All ranks in the donations store are already 50% off, Enjoy :)
by shawshark at 5:50 PM
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Factions beta 0.0.3 beta patch information on bug fixes and new features.
- Fixed random teleportation - Can now finally add a portal at spawn.
- Added all kits.
- Fixed /fix - Will be adding permissions for this command for VIP + in the next few hours.
- Custom clean additions to the kit system.
- Added stage 1 / 2 support for multi world support made by me, If you're a developer you can look at the code here. - https://gist.github.com/shawshark/a8c20aa8adb11be5618c
- Added stage 3 support for sharkcoins - Almost there everyone just finishing up loose ends on the network api.
by shawshark at 5:39 PM
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Factions beta 0.0.2 beta patch information on bug fixes and new features.

- Fixed everyone seeing a 'teleport in x seconds' message in the boss bar.
- Code clean up of main plugin.
- Removed all custom HoloAPI code. (This wasn't 100% seen by everyone as it wasn't released with the server).
- Auto kick player to the hub if they're kicked instead of disconnecting there connection to the cloud.
- Kick players to the hub on shutdown.
- Added stage 1 support for SharkCoins.
- Have stats auto backup every 10 minutes to backend sql servers.
(Note will only backup players online). Players stats...
by shawshark at 6:07 PM
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Hello Craftsharkers,

The new Factions server has been released in beta 0.0.1.
A lot of features are yet to be added, However there is a lot added already. I will be adding kits to the server within the next few days so please don't comment below about them i've already been spammed about them in game..

Pets are a thought at this moment comment what you think of them, maybe disabling major ones and just having animals such as pigs, cows etc...

Donator permissions/perks will be added shortly mostly finishing a summary of what to add and then finalizing it.

Glitches and shop exploits.. If...
by shawshark at 2:46 PM
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Hello Craftsharkers,
Many of you have known that most servers on our network have been falling, glitches been found and not patched etc.. etc.. Things haven't really been getting 'PUBLICLY' fixed because myself and 2 others have been doing some private work on the server. We have re-created the whole creative server (not public yet) and have been working on making the new UUID changes to it to, making all storage sql supported so the game play is more efficient.

There has been many features added to the non-public creative server, that haven't been rolled out to the actual public one it...
by ConnorEfc at 1:45 PM
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As many of you may know, Craft Shark has recently been losing some players, In order to prevent this and make the server more fun for all its player, we're looking for the communities feedback on what you want to see in the server.
These changes can be related to any server or even the website.
Post them below, If we think the idea is well thought through and enough people like it, then we'll implement it.

I'll add a list of planned features once a suggested feature has been accepted.

by shawshark at 2:09 AM
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Hello everyone, By now you all know craftshark has fallen as low as it can get and it was all due to both my laziness and the HUB crashing all the time. Last night I had 2 wonderful people build a new HUB for us. Please thank @ConnorEfc and @Matthijs for there job. The new hub however has been released early to the HUB doesn't crash any more. With this new HUB everything has been redone from plugins to config files, and is all freshly done so there should be an increase in the server in the next few days. I my self am really sorry it has taken this long to...
by shawshark at 12:45 AM
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Hello everyone got some good/bad news lets start with the bad news..
I am not able to come on and maintenance the server as much as I usually do due to personal things but that's not going to change uptime one bit as there is @Cloud_cougar and @AliaRules1 that have access to the backend so start/stop/restart servers.

Now being away will probably mean a lot of things such as the server going out dated towards what other servers have to offer, but you are wrong here is the good news. Over the time I will be able to brain storm ideas, new ways to handle things...